How to manage multiple floor plans in AppSheet?

AppSheet is a great solution for  engineering industry. Thanks to the map function with its own background, we can mark the details on the building plan (or another image).

We may often have to manage multi-storey facilities.

In this post, I will show you how to create an application  for managing multiple floors in the building quickly and efficiently.

    You will need 3 basic tables in which we can add new information at will.

  • Buildings – for storing information about the building
  • Floor plans – for storing the map backgrounds
  • Entries – to create an entry using the building and its floor plan
Graph view

Tables and columns


Let the building name in the Buliding (Text) column be the key and label (AppSheet’s settings)

After linking this table with others, two additional ones will automatically appear: the related floor plans and entries.



Let’s assign the floor plans for the building.

Next, select the building, define the number of the storey and attach the map in raster format (JPG or PNG)
The key and label will be added to the virtual column, the formula of which is:

App formula = 

[Building (REF)].[Building (Text)]&" Floorplan "&[Floor (Number)]


In this table we will store the results of our work with the app. We will be able to choose which building and floor our entry applies to, i.e. the location on a given map background.
The third column with the „XY” type will store the coordinates in text form. We need to define what map background the application should display.

Background image for the XY coordinates =

[Floorplan (REF)].[Floorplan (Image)]

After linking this table with others, an additional table with related entries will automatically appear.

Additionally, we want the application to filter the stories. In the form, we want to select only the floors of the building we choose.

The Valid If field of the Floorplan (REF) column is used for this:

Valid If =

    ISNOTBLANK([Building (REF)]),
    ([Building (REF)] = [_THISROW].[Building (REF)])


We will need 3 views to ensure basic functionality.
Feel at ease and choose your favorite view. In this example, I use the following division:
Primary views

How it works – workflow

That’s all! Let’s use the new app.

  1. Add the new building (you can always add all information you need by creating new columns to the table)
  2. Add floor plans to the building. Choose the buliding from these you added and the number of the floor. Attach the image.
  3. Create the first entry! Choose the building and the storey. The map will show automatically. Mark the location on the map


Feel free to build your own app! It’s really easy.
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